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Here and Gone

Here and Gone
Released August 18th, 2023

Some say it's Southern rock, some say it's got that classic rock sound. At the end of the day, it's rock 'n' roll. An anthem of audacious youth and the eventual coming of age, “Here and Gone” was originally released on the 2009 “Live For Today” album. Back in the day, after its release, the track found its way onto the Rock Band video game, playable as an add-on title for rock 'n' roll video gamers. After moving back to Michigan, we started re-working the tune, giving it some fresh life. We were really excited with the new spin on the tune and decided to get into the studio to lay it down. This new, revitalized version, has a fresh energy that has been embraced by rock 'n' roll fans in Michigan—receiving radio airplay across the state—and beyond.

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