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Shooting on a Blue Moon

Shooting on a Blue Moon
Released March 3rd, 2015

Released in 2015, "Shooting on a Blue Moon," is the inaugural full-length record released under Sullivan's name alone. Serving as a baseline for what subsequent years and releases have unveiled as an inspired circuit through rock 'n' roll inspired music, this record furthers the artist's tone with intention. Upon pressing play, the opening sustain of a wah-wah guitar accompanied by brash drums ushers in an unapologetically passionate romantic radio rocker, "Can't Put Out Love." The journey through a breadth-ful rock experience continues on with laid back summer time vibes in tracks such as "Time in a Bottle" and "Kick Into Overdrive." An anthem of hope, "Light a Torch" is a fast-and-pointed-tongued lyrical work that, true to its title, carries a torch of that Springsteen arena rock sound. From "Cellar," a Cocker-esque somber soul number, to an ironically upbeat song about "Misery" to a ballad about being uninterested in making amends for being "Only Human," the record continues its roaming display of musical latitude. The funk-driven "Mr. Undercover" leads into a free-wheeling number, "Can You Help Us Mister." Finally, the record culminates in what has proven to be a fan favorite, "Breaking Down and Giving In," an upbeat acoustic guitar featured number. "Shooting on a Blue Moon" is available on all digital distribution platforms. The record can also be purchased direct as a physical CD.

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